Do you struggle with your weight ?
Have you tried numerous diets without much short term success and even less long term benefits ?
Would you like to take advantage of Hypnosis Therapy which will make weight loss a reality for you ?
Vilma Domavari from the Vitality Clinic is here to help!
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is most successfully achieved by attending three x 90 minutes sessions over a three to six week time frame. You will have one on one sessions with your trained practitioner. These sessions will allow your therapist to tailor the hypnosis to your specific needs and requirements.
Everyone is different. You need something that works for you! 

All the important aspects of weight loss are covered. Hypnosis helps in the following ways:

  • Eliminate ‘bad’ cravings

  • Boost cravings for healthy foods

  • Appetite control

  • Smaller portion sizes

  • Increased desire to exercise

  • Eliminate that sweet tooth!

  • Say goodbye to emotional eating

  • Greater sense of health, well being and happiness

  • Limit alcohol intake

  • Other suggestions as individually required by you.

The one-on-one sessions are then supported with listening to weight loss hypnosis support CDs at home (these CDs will be handed to you as part of the therapy at no extra cost). The CD sessions are relaxing, interesting, and most importantly EFFECTIVE. They are even more effective over time, so eventually you will rarely need to use them.

Afteryour  hypnosis sessions you can expect to be on track, eating and drinking healthy foods, feeling more satisfied after each meal, eating less and feeling full for longer. This coupled with an increased desire for exercise will have you losing weight and feeling better in no time.