Vilma Domavari understands the difficulties faced when trying to quit any addiction, especially cigarettes. Vilma personally experienced the hard battle , the ups and the downs which went with trying to quit smoking. As a heavy smoker, Vilma became a virtual prisoner of cigarettes. Health was negatively affected along with the shortness of breath and feeling a little run down and other common side effects which are typically caused by the effects of smoking.
Like many other smokers, Vilma Domavari had acute bronchitis, chest pain and inflammation. It was extremely difficult for Vilma to quit smoking. Again, as many others would have found, several times Vilma quit cigarettes for a short period of time only to start smoking again.
Today Vilma is a non smoker!
Now breathing "Just" fresh air, energy levels are higher, feeling healthier and also much happier than ever before.
Vilma wants to help as many people as possible. With the knowledge (and qualifications) Vilma has gained over the years and from personal experiences there is a tremendous understanding for what smokers are going through and Vilma is wanting to assist you to become a Non Smoker for life.
Several years ago, Vilma heard of an easier way to quit smoking. Subsequently decided to learn all about process and gain the necessary qualifications which would enable Vilma to offer this Quit Smoking Hypnosis service to as many people as possible.
Vilma has now learnt the powerful techniques of hypnosis and NLP to aid people to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes.
Vilma is fully certified to practice these techniques and l wish to show you how easy it can be to become a non smoker for life.
Being extremely confident in the treatments, Vilma believes that "YOU" can experience the success, and become a non smoker in 60 minutes.
As a back up to all of my clients, if ever they need some further help and support you can come back to me for more assistance. Vilma will not criticise you, instead Vilma will give you a free back up treatment.
Please take the first step and make a booking so we can work together and help you to become a Non Smoker as soon as possible. Feel free to call The Vitality Clinic or email any questions you might have.