Are you worried about how much you are drinking?
We can help you to be free from the need, the want of alcohol.
Alcohol will no longer damage your life.  Alcohol will never control your life again.
After our 90 minute session you will be completely FREE from alcohol.
No matter how much you currently drink we can help you.
The choice will be yours as to whether you want to quit drinking completely or just want to cut down .
We are here to help you!

Case Histories:

I stopped drinking alcohol last February. It is about one year. I'm very happy I asked help from Vilma. Stop drinking alcohol by the help of hypnotherapy is the best way to be completely free from alcohol.
I NEVER miss alcohol.
I am completely comfortable around drinkers & alcohol.
Vivian from Secret Harbor, WA

I'm a much relaxed and happier person without alcohol.
Thank you.
Rolland from Attadale, WA

I stop drinking alcohol by hypnotherapy. It changed my life. I became a better person.
I am happy to have not had a drink in years.
Rodney from Halls Head