The Vitality Clinic is based in Western Australia and offers a range of  Natural Therapies including Hypnosis Therapy & NLP which are targeted at helping people to enjoy and improve their lives in many different ways.
As you are visiting our Quit Alcohol website, there is a fair chance you are looking for a some help, support and a technique which can make giving up alcohol a genuine and real possibility.
We understand that for some people, they may not wish to completely give up alcohol, but they may want to learn how to reduce or control their current drinking habits, once again we can most certainly help with this.
Many people would be aware, that drinking (alcohol) is like most habits in that, it can be very difficult to quit, stop or even reduce. The good news is that quitting is possible. After many years of research and thanks to clinics such as the Vitality Clinic, those who may have a drinking habit can now access hypnosis therapy which is designed and aimed at helping people to either quit alcohol for good, or reduce alcohol.
There are many health and life benefits which can be gained by quitting or reducing alcohol, such as
  • Preventing Or Reducing Chances Of Stroke
  • Weight Loss
  • Avoiding Hangovers
  • Decreased Chance Of Liver Disease
  • Improved Energy & General Well Being
  • Better Family Relationships
  • And much more!
If you would like to quit alcohol or to gain more control of your current drinking habits, Vilma Domavari and the Vitality Clinic would be extremely pleased to be of assistance.
Please call Mobile: 0433 167 704 or Email: